Thursday, 23 May 2013

Next Limited WIP Meeting Announced

Speakers: Declan Whelan & Yuriy Solovyov

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Tuesday June 4, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT
Communitech Hub

Building successful businesses is tough - especially for software startups. The principles and practices from lean startup and agile/lean development can certainly help. But what do you do if these approaches are new to the team? How do you strike the balance between learning, team improvements and delivering value?

In this session we will explore three key areas:

1. Lean Startup and Agile Applied: You will learn how lean startup and agile was introduced to the team at Printchomp. Some practices were very successful and others did not catch on. You will learn why this was so and practical insights to bring about change on your teams.

2. Building Trust: Trust is crucial to prevent costly handoffs and bloated processes. At Printchomp we are a new team and we need to rapidly build trust while building processes that work for us. You will learn how we used visibility and the principle of 'trust but verify' to build trust.

3. Building a Learning Environment: At Printchomp we selected a technology stack and market vertical that were relatively new to most of the team. It was crucial that we build mechanisms for rapid learning. You will learn about the tools we used to promote learning and how we balanced learning against other outcomes under a strong pressure to deliver.

You should come away from this session with insights and practical ideas you can apply to improve life with your team - whether it is a startup or a traditional team.

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