Saturday, 18 August 2012

Notes from Organizational Meeting in July

I'm posting some notes from the organizational meeting of the Limited WIP Society that took place in Kitchener in July.

The meeting was a lean coffee where many topics were proposed and not only by those who were physically present.  The meeting lasted about 90 minutes.

There was a lot of discussion about the group's mission.  It turned out that nobody could state it off the top of their head better than what we had already written before on the Communitech site: "The Limited WIP Society’s purpose is to facilitate learning of Lean principles and practices and the Kanban method in software, IT and other types of knowledge work. It is the meeting place for all local professionals who are interested in Lean, Kanban, systems thinking and continuous improvement."

A brainstorm of possible agenda for one year ahead showed that there is enough Lean/Kanban topics to fill the monthly schedule.  This result is similar to what we got during a similar discussion in January during the open-space Agile/Lean Peer2Peer meeting.

Another important topic was the relationship with the Agile/Lean P2P group.  We spoke of both groups having similar intent (to provide a safe, inclusive meeting and learning place and high-quality content to those in our region who want to learn about better, modern ways to develop software and do IT work and and improve their teams and organizations), but being managed in a decentralized manner.

We also spoke about many important issues around the communications, promoting the group, and the roles of its champions and volunteers.

And here is the meeting mindmap:

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